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Letter from the Ambassador

Author: Admin – May 05 2022

May 5, 2022

To the Belizean Diaspora:

I would like to sincerely thank you for your continuous dedication and commitment in contributing to our homeland. Our Unit would not exist without you all.

It is now time to roll out all the wonderful happenings we have had at the Diaspora Relations Unit.

We had our first Belize Diaspora Town Hall Meetings for this year in Los Angeles and Las Vegas on April 2nd, and 3rd respectively.  These visits follow successful meetings in Houston, Chicago, New York, and Miami last year. The dialogue was informative and motivational. Our esteemed panel of ministers were engaging, receptive and responsive to the needs and suggestions of the Diaspora. In Los Angeles, Congressman Stephen Horsford of Nevada’s 4th District graced us with a short speech supporting our diaspora community. The energy and excitement were extraordinary in both cities and hospitality, bar none. Chat groups have already been established for words to transform into actions. Emails have been pouring in and WhatsApp messages have been abundant. I am convinced more now than ever that we can do great things together.

On behalf of the delegation, I would like to thank everyone who came out to support us in Los Angeles and Las Vegas and of course, to all those who donated their time and services to make our trip a success. Lynn Howard, Rosalva Fortune, Kim Hernandez, Clyde Gillett, Theodore Martinez, Meredith Castro, Faron Smith, Trevor Logan, Wade Garr, Walter Garbutt, Cromwell Gordon, Tyrone Waight, Marsha Pitts, Shelmadene Graham, Roy Bowden, Lally Nunez, Greg Palacio and Errol Paget, thank you for your generosity and for giving us a beautiful experience.

To the McFarlane’s and Little Belize Restaurant, thank you for entertaining us with home grown food, entertainment, and delightful company. And of course, Vice Consul Ms. Yvette Gentle and Assistant to Vice Consul Ms. Tricia Logan. Your organization and planning efforts left no room for complaints. Ms. Logan your food was outstanding.

We are on our way to starting a grassroot movement of positive change and we are thrilled about this. No matter where we go, Belizeans have been welcoming and warm. I can finally feel an air of hope and optimism which for a long time had been lost. I sense a strong desire to give back and return home. Over the last few months, we have discussed the changes that need to happen, now let’s act. 

We have finally launched the Diaspora Relations webpage and the Diaspora Registry Please register as soon as possible. We are excited to contact you with our upcoming promotions and events. I get “cold seed” just thinking about how far we have come. Stepping into this position with little to no information on the diaspora, I didn’t know what to expect.  Now here we are, just a little over a year and we have met approximately one thousand of the diasporas and have heard your concerns.

Build Belize Inc, a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization, was born out of the concerns of the Diaspora and the socio-economic needs of our homeland. This organization has been created to empower and improve the lives of Belizeans through education, health and service AND serve and assist the diaspora in the socio-economic development of Belize. Build Belize Inc is also registered in Belize and is a conduit to assist the Diaspora in sending home donations hassle free.

Currently, Build Belize Inc. is running an education campaign - Donate to Educate. The campaign has 3 components; donate a laptop; purchase a preschooler kit; and a general education fund. Visit to support our children. The pandemic has caused a great disruption in education and every day that children are not supported with the right tools to learn, opportunities are lost for growth and development.

For the 2022-2023 fiscal year, we have a lot in store for you – virtual town hall meetings, in person town hall meetings, a newsletter, an expertise exchange program, a mentorship program, and possibly a diaspora week, among other things.

The Diaspora Relations Unit and I are here to support and encourage your involvement at home. We need YOU! I am truly blessed with a team that is committed to serving and better understanding the needs of the diaspora. We are all working towards the same goal – a better and safer Belize.


With gratitude,

Sandhya Murphy

Ambassador for Diaspora Relations